What is Provide a Ride?

Journey Church is now connecting people to find rides to and from church on Sundays! We are building a team of drivers to be available available every week for those who require transportation. The Provide a Ride program is safe and offers a relational element as people get to know their driver.

How do I get a ride?

  • Step 1 Click the red button above to fill out a form to be connected with a driver.
  • Step 2 Receive confirmation from that a ride has been secured.
  • Step 3 Your driver will connect with you by text or email.

Once you’re connected with a driver, there’s no need to fill out the form again. If your driver can’t make it on a particular week, they will let you know and you’ll need to fill out the form again for that week only. We will absolutely do our best to provide a ride, but it is not always guaranteed; depending on driver availability.

IMPORTANT: Please do your best to submit your request for a ride by the WEDNESDAY prior to Sunday.  If you submit it after Wednesday, we will not be able to guarantee a ride.

How will I know my driver?

There are two things to look for when waiting for your driver to arrive for the first time:

  • Your driver will tell you the make, model and colour of their vehicle when they initially contact you.
  • There will be a big red JRNY magnet with our logo on both sides of the vehicle.

Where do I meet my driver after the service?

Our drivers are instructed to pick you up at the Journey front doors unless something else has been discussed between you and your driver.

Do I need to fill out the form every week I need a driver?

Short answer is no. Once you are connected with a driver, they will continue to be your driver and you’ll communicate with them weekly.