What is Provide a Ride?

Journey Church is now connecting people to find rides to and from church on Sundays! We are building a team of drivers to be available available every week for those who require transportation. The Provide a Ride program is safe and offers a relational element as people get to know their driver.

Why join the team?

We have many students, people new to Canada and others without transportation that really want to be a part of our family here at Journey Church, but have no transportation. Why not buy a bus? Our goal is to not only provide people with a ride but also provide community and a sense of connection. There are great conversations that can take place to and from church every Sunday morning!

What all is involved in joining the PAR (Provide a Ride) Team?

When you join the team you’ll be contacted by our Team Lead to connect you with those you’ll be driving. The big ask is that you commit to driving the same people consistently. When you can’t, you simply call or text your guests and let them know. We also provide important training upon signing up for the team.

I signed up…now what?

Any good team needs to be trained…but we have made it super simple. No need to align your schedule for a meeting! We have provided an online training session. This will take less of your time and will explain all the details you need to know as a driver on the PAR team.

Once your application is approved, you will receive a link for our online training where we will cover things like…

  • Best practices [clean car, good attitude, etc]
  • Journey Policy [we don’t accept any payment, how to get a background check, do’s and don’ts, etc.]
  • Processes [how do I find out who I’m picking up? Their address? Who do I contact in case of emergency, what happens if I can’t provided a ride for a Sunday? etc]