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At Journey Church, we always make room for one more. Come join the journey.
Gathering Sunday mornings at 10:30 a.m. at 101 Livingston Rd – Milton, Ontario


to Journey Church!

Journey Church has a very simple three-fold focus. We journey with God, friends and purpose. If you don’t know God, we’d to introduce you to Him, or even just discuss your questions. We think God is worth pursuing! If you need friends, we want to get to know you! Journey Church is a place to belong, no matter your background, gender, economic-status or age. People come in diverse shapes, sizes and personalities – and we love them all! If you wonder about your purpose in life, we can help! That may seem audacious, but it’s true! Journey-people strive to live life “on purpose”.
We’re still learning how to be champions at this, but we’d love to have you learn with us!

Come. Join the journey.

Location & Gathering Times

Journey Church

101 Livingston Rd
Milton, Ontario

Join Us

Sunday – 10:30 a.m.

The History

of our church

We belong to a global family of churches called the Apostolic Church of Pentecost (ACOP). In November, 2015, God began to impart an urgency in our National leaders, to begin churches in Southern Ontario. It sparked a flurry of activity that ultimately resulted in what was coined the “GTA Initiative”. This strategic investment of people, finances and energy would be focused upon “extending grace and igniting hope” amidst the 9 million people who live in the Golden Horseshoe.   January, 2017, Rod & Cheryl Barks moved to Milton to begin the preliminary work of starting new churches. They were joined by multiple “Launch Team” members in the ensuing months. September 10, 2017 was a momentous day as nineteen faith-filled and radically diverse individuals gathered for the first time, committed to journey with God, friends and purpose.

Our Dream

for the future

Every significant undertaking, including Journey Church, begins with a dream. We dream of impacting thousands of individuals in the GTA, and inviting them to “join the journey” with God, Friends and Purpose! God, for us, is not some distant mystic force to be occasionally encountered. He’s a very real and personal Friend, whom we want to introduce to the GTA masses. He forgives our sins, cleanses us from the inside out, fills us with life and sets us on a path of destiny. The highest level of human joy and fulfillment is experienced as we journey with God. We are thankful to be able to journey with friends! We dream of a network of friendships that crosses racial, gender, economic, religious and age barriers. We dream of eradicating loneliness – of lingering conversations and genuine heart connections. We believe that we are always better together! God always makes room for “one more” and so do we! Many individuals have lost track of why they exist and how to live a purposeful life. Our days on earth are limited, but our purposeful living is without boundaries – if we so choose. We dream of thousands of people in the GTA who discover their God-destiny and begin to journey with purpose. There are three types of people in this world: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.” (Mary Kay Ash) We choose to make things happen!

Get to Know

Rod & Cheryl Barks

Rod & Cheryl moved to the GTA in January, 2017 to champion new church start-ups for the family of church to which they relate (ACOP). They will celebrate 30 years of marriage in July, 2018 and have been blessed with 5 kids (4 via birth and 1 via marriage to their daughter!) They love coffee, conversation, backgammon and meandering in their red Mazda Miata. They believe that life is an adventure and that the highest human privilege and calling is to say “yes” to God – anywhere, anytime, anyplace! God has given them elasticized hearts that allow them to always love “one more”. They would enjoy getting to know you!

Contact Us

for more information

If you would like more information about Journey Church or would like to connect and get involved, please use the contact form provided or call 905-805-9219. Should you find yourself in need of prayer we would be honoured to pray for your needs. Please email your prayer requests to

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